Københavns Drengekor
Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir - concert
Concert in Paris for invited audience 27 March 2018

Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir is invited by Fondation Bettencourt Schueller, who holds a concert for an invited audience to illustrate the Foundation’s efforts for these particular choirs. The Foundation has invited selected choirs which have been awarded the Liliane Bettencourt award for choir singing, to show the public their artistic expertise.
Opéra Comique, where the concert will be held, was founded in 1714 during Louis XIV’s reign, and is one of the oldest French dramatic and musical institutions.

  • European Concert Tour 23rd April – 8th May 2018
    Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir performs in Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom in a 16 days tour
  • Københavns Drengekor
    Tue 27.03.2018 / kl. 20:00
    Opéra Comique, Paris
    Concert in Paris for invited audience 27 March 2018
    Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir is invited to Paris 26-28 March 2018
  • In the memory of His Royal Highness Prince Henrik
    Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir has lost it's patron over 46 years. Prince Henrik took over the protectorate of the choir after King Frederik IX, and through all years, Prince Henrik has warmly and enthusiastically been a great support for the work of Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, both at home and abroad.
  • Københavns Drengekor
    Sat 31.03.2018 / kl. 19:00
    Vor Frue Kirke, The Cathedral of Copenhagen
    Påskevesper i Københavns Domkirke lørdag d. 31. marts
  • Københavns Drengekor
    Fri 23.03.2018 / kl. 20:00
    Vor Frue Kirke, The Cathedral of Copenhagen
    Mozart: Requiem
    W.A. Mozart: Requiem (KV 626)
  • Sat 26.08.2017
    Koncerter i St. Petersborg

    26 – 30 October 2017  

    Project: Nordic-Russian music cooperation: strengthening knowledge building and networking of children’s choirs in the Baltic Sea Region

    28 October 2017, Saturday

    Joint concert with Glinka Choir at State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg

    Part of the “Choral Assemblies on Neva” music festival.


    29 October 2017, Sunday

    Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, concert at St. Isaac’s Cathedral