CRCC Concert Tour 2017

Centennial Commemorations

De Vestindiske Øer was a favorite jewel in the Danish crown from the landing of the first settlers on St. Thomas in 1661 until 1917 when Demark sold our islands to the USA. It’s not surprising that Danes and Islanders are coming together to support some very creditable entertainment. Be delighted and edified by great music and scholarly lectures that will complement other inspiring events to celebrate the Centennial year of the Transfer.

Take a look at www.vitransfercentennial.org to learn about other events that are happening throughout the year.

World Famous Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir on tour!

One of the most exciting events planned to celebrate the Centennial is a visit from the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort of Denmark and the direction of acclaimed choral director, Ebbe Munk. The group is often compared to the Vienna Boys Choir and that of Kings College, Cambridge as one of the finest in Europe.

This superlative choir, over 40 voices strong, will be performing at acoustically excellent locations in early May. Look for concerts at historic Lutheran churches on St. Thomas and St. Croix, Government House and the Reichhold Center for the Arts. The choral group has gained an international reputation through its interpretation of the works of the major composers of the Renaissance and Baroque eras and of 20th century music for boys’ and men’s voices. The highlight of the series will be the world premiere of a piece written for voice and steel pan. For more on the choir, visit: www.kdk.dk

Talking History

Histories from a Shared Past is a transatlantic lecture series that will be repeated in three locations on both sides of the Atlantic: St. Croix, St. Thomas and Copenhagen. These talks will bring together some of the most knowledgeable scholarly voices to review the history of the US Virgin Islands from the arrival of the first people until today.

Different presentations will be held for two evenings and will focus on the relations, connections and exchanges between people, ideas and objects in the islands on a regional, Atlantic and global scale. The series is partially funded by the Solar Foundation, Denmark, the USVI Centennial Commission, Dr. and Mrs. R.R. Evans, the Society of Virgin Islands Historians and coordinated by the Danish West Indian Society and both the St. Croix and the St. Thomas/St. John Friends of Denmark Societies.



  • Københavns Drengekor
    Lord Sabaoth Church in Christiansted, USVI
    After Church Service in Christansted.
  • Turne
    CRCC Concert Tour 2017
    Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir on Tour 2017
  • Københavns Drengekor
  • Sæsonbrochure 2016-2017
    Sæsonfolder for 2016-2017

  • Københavns Drengekor
    Tors 31.08.2017 / kl. 19.30
    Mahlers 8. Symfoni
    DR KoncertKoret
    DR SymfoniOrkestret
    Københavns Drengekor
    Dirigent: Fabio Luisi
    Solister: Ricarda Merberth, Henriette Bonde-Hansen, Christof Fischesser, m.fl.

    OBS! Koncerten gentages fredag den 1. september kl. 19.30 i DRKoncerthuset

  • Københavns Drengekor
    Fre 13.10.2017 / kl. 20.00 & 21.00
    Københavns Domkirke
    Kerubiske Hymner- Kulturnatten
    i Københavns Domkirke
  • Københavns Drengekor
    Fre 17.11.2017 / kl. 20:00
    Københavns Domkirke
  • Københavns Drengekor
    Søn 26.11.2017 / kl. 15:00
    Præstø Kirke
    Koncert hos Musikforeningen Cæcilia
    Musikforeningskoncert i Præstø kirke

    Sankt Cæcilia eller Sankt Cecilie, som hun også kaldes, er musikkens skytshelgen. Hun bliver mindet hver år på Sankt Cæcilia dag d. 22. november. Sankt Cæcilias forbindelse med musikken er noget usikker og skyldes måske, at nogen engang har læst forkert!

    Sankt Cæcilia døde som martyr på Sicilien omkring år 176, og blev adskillige hundrede år senere begravet i kirken Santa Cecilia i Rom, hvor hendes relikvier stadig findes. Men det er først omkring 1570, at man hører om de første musikopførelser til hendes pris. Siden har mange komponister skrevet musik til Sankt Cæcilia. Blandt de mest kendte værker er Purcells Ode for St. Cecilia´s Day fra 1692 og Brittens Hymn to St. Cecilia fra 1942.
  • Københavns Drengekor
    Lør 02.12.2017 / kl. 19.00
    Københavns Domkirke