Københavns Drengekor
HKH Prins Henrik - backstage Notre Dame Paris
Ved Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins Henriks død
Københavns Drengekor har mistet sin protektor gennem 46 år. Prins Henrik overtog protektoratet for Københavns Drengekor efter Kong Frederik IX, og gennem alle årene har Prins Henrik med varme og interesse været en stor støtte for Københavns virke i både ind- og udland.
Københavns Drengekor
Sæsonfolder 2017-2018 - efterår
Sæsonbrochure 2017-2018
KORMUSIK - Domkirken og andre steder - Efterår 2017
Københavns Drengekor
“Choral Assemblies on Neva” – Festival
The Concert in Copenhagen Cathedral is part of a bigger cooperation on strengthening danish-russian boys’ choirs in the Baltic Sea Region, which has been established by the two choirs in collaboration with Danish Cultural Institute in Russia, Choirs in Finland and Sweden. The project is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.
The first concert was held at the State Academic Capella with all of the Glinka choir, the second one took place at St. Isaac’s Cathedral with the vocal ensemble Tendrils of the Glinka College Choir.
Both stages are in St. Petersburg. The Glinca Choir College is Russia’s oldest school for professional musicians. Its roots go all the way back to the 15. century, but systematic education began in 1856 first for singers and then for musicians a bit later. The current name of the institution is in honor of the composer Mikhail Glinka, who can be regarded as the father of Russian classical music.

Københavns Drengekor
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